Certified Online Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training



The ICCHP award winning Hypnotherapy Training Courses are available online, for those individuals wanting to learn to be a confident, competent and safe hypnotherapy professional.

Online hypnotherapy course options include self paced study, with or without live online classroom sessions.

Our fully certified hypnotherapy training courses incorporate all hypnotherapeutic approaches including Direct Suggestion - Indirect/Conversational (Ericksonian) - Behavioural - Psychodynamic - Advanced Hypnopsychotherapy - Integrative - Evidence Based and Rational Emotive Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy. Altogether, offering among the most comprehensive range of professional, certified hypnotherapy courses available worldwide.

With study options designed to suit our students, we provide a modern, dynamic, flexible approach to learning to be a hypnotherapy practitioner. Students are able to complete the 12 Module Online Diploma in Integrative Evidence Based Clinical Hypnotherapy & Mind Body Health (DHyp).

The DHyp hypnotherapy course will appeal to currently qualified therapeutic hypnosis practitioners looking to expand their learning, or in order to meet their requirements for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). These courses will also appeal to students unable to physically attend our classroom based hypnotherapy training courses in the UK, Singapore or Malaysia. These courses are validated by the International Certification Council (ICC), the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT).


Online Diploma in Integrative Evidenced-based Clinical Hypnotherapy & Mind Body Health (DHyp)



Completion of the first six online course modules will provide you with the theoretical knowledge and practical processes involved to treat a number of presenting conditions. Completion of an additional 6 online modules will award you the DHyp, which enables you to extend your knowledge and practical understanding of integrative hypno-psychotherapy, teaching you processes used to treat complex presenting conditions. Graduates are eligible to become members of the International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT).


Live Streamed Online Training Courses Direct From Our London Classroom



The lived streamed course provides the option of attending our live London classroom teaching sessions from the comfort of your home. Students can opt for this hybrid study option, which provides a more dynamic learning experience. This option has been validated by the UK General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) and enables graduates to register with the UK General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR).



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Foundation Modules


Advanced Modules






Introduction to Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Introduction to Hypnotherapy Practice

Behaviour Hypnotherapy Practice

Psycho-dynamic Hypnotherapy Application

Indirect & Conversational (Erickson) Hypnotherapy Practice

Applied Hypno-therapeutics



Certificate in Integrative Evidence Based Clinical Hypnotherapy & Mind Body Health (CHyp)



Advanced Hypnotherapy Practice

Advanced Hypnotherapy Application

Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy Practice

Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy Application

Integrative Hypnotherapy Practice Online

Evidence-based Hypnotherapy Practice Online



Diploma in Integrative Evidence Based Clinical Hypnotherapy & Mind Body Health (DHyp)




Students are able to pay a per module fee of £150, or £1495 for the twelve DHyp course modules.


Leading Experts in Providing Online Hypnotherapy Training



The ICCHP are the leading experts in online hypnotherapy training. With over 12 years experience delivering distance learning hypnotherapy courses, we have unmatched knowledge and expertise to ensure that our students have the best online learning experience. We have over 5000 global students registered on our learning portal. In addition, the ICCHP team were selected and have been instrumental in the successful implementation and delivery of online clinical hypnotherapy training to over 1000 UK medical school students during the past three years. We are able to offer our students the most advanced, comprehensive, evidence based hypnotherapy training, that no other provider is able to match.


Multi Award Winning Training Course Provider



Our exclusive online hypnotherapy learning portal has the largest hypnotherapy knowledge base available anywhere, it includes many thousands of pages of hypnotherapy learning material, video recordings and other resources. Our unique position has helped us to be recognised as the "Best Hypnotherapy Training Courses Provider in 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023 by a number of independent business and training enterprise awarding bodies


Become More Than Just Another Hypnotherapist!

ICCHP graduates are not only fully recognised hypnotherapists, they are Integrative Mind Body Health Practitioners, utilising a range of treatment modalities which include: hypnotherapy; psychotherapy; mindfulness based approaches; neurolinguistic programming (NLP); personal and professional development coaching and other complementary health modalities. As Integrative Mind Body Health Practitioners, ICCHP graduates stand out from the rest, offering clients a full range of mind body health treatments.

Get 10 Courses and 4 Practitioner Qualifications for the Price of One!

All DHyp course students will receive the following extra courses, master classes and associated qualifications included as part of the DHyp course for no extra charge. This represents an extra £1740 worth of courses. You will receive £3330 worth of professional training courses and qualifications once you have paid the full PDHyp course fee (£1495). Here is what you will receive:

  • Certificate in Integrative Evidence Based Clinical Hypnotherapy & Mind Body Health Practice (CHyp) (£795 value)
  • Diploma in Integrative Evidence Based Clinical Hypnotherapy & Mind Body Health Practice (DHyp) (£795 value)
  • Integrative Stress Management Practitioner Course (ISRCert) (£495 value)
  • Integrative Performance Coaching Practitioner Course (IPECert) (£495 value)
  • Smoking Cessation Master Class (£125 value)
  • Treating Weight Related Disorders Master Class (£125 value)
  • Integrating Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy Master Class (£125 value)
  • Delivering eTherapy Master Class (£125 value)
  • Practice Management Master Class (£125 value)
  • Detox Your Mind Master Class (£125 value)


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Already Trained as a Hypnotherapist? Lacking knowledge and skills? Existing hypnotherapy practitioners looking to upgrade and update their existing qualifications can transfer onto our course and take advantage of up to 50% discount off our usual hypnotherapy course fees - Contact Us for More Details


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